Top Gear’s Captain Slow (aka James May) to build house out of 3-million Lego bricks

James May

Captain Slow (aka James May) is planning to build a two-story house in Surrey – made entirely out of Legos. That’s right, as a part of a new BBC series called James May’s Toy Stories, the Top Gear star will build a house in the middle of the Denbies Wine Estate, in Dorking made of more than three-million Lego bricks.

The building day is scheduled to take place next Saturday, where May has asked volunteers to help him with the tedious task.

According to BBC, the house will have a staircase, a working toilet and shower.

“Things like power supply, sanitation and plumbing coming into the house are as they could be for a real building… everything within my Lego house must as far as possible be Lego,” May said.

This shall be very interesting.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: BBC