Chrysler’s new board of directors to meet on Wednesday

This Wednesday, Chrysler Group’s new board of directors will meet for the first time since the company emerged from bankruptcy to start its turnaround efforts under Fiat SpA. Chrysler’s nine-member board , which includes CEO Sergio Marchionne and Chairman Robert Kidder, has three directors appointed by Fiat, four by the U.S. government, one by the Canadian government and one by the UAW. Other members include former Northwest Airlines CEO Doug Steenland; Alfredo Altavilla, CEO of Fiat Powertrain Technologies; and James Blanchard, a former Michigan governor.

During the three-day meeting, Chrysler’s new board will discuss the revamping of an old and gas-thirsty lineup and efforts to win back consumer trust.

Before the meetings kick-off on Wednesday, Chrysler’s new board will test-drive carmaker’s current lineup said spokesman Gualberto Ranieri.

“We are very hopeful that the new management team at Chrysler will be committed to the cultural change,” said Ron Bloom, head of the U.S. autos task force. “We are very confident that the new board will be very vigilant.”

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Reuters