Alfa Romeo CEO: MiTo may be too small for the U.S., Milano coming in 2011

Earlier this year, Chrysler”s bankruptcy documents revealed that the Fiat/Chrysler alliance would give Chrysler four vehicle platforms, two engines and two transmission families from the Italian automaker. The documents specifically said that the models will be the Fiat 500, Alfa Romeo MiTo and the Milano.

However, according to Alfa Romeo’s CEO Sergio Cravero, the MiTo may be to small for today’s U.S. market, reports Automotive News.

“A preliminary product assessment for a sporty three-door small hatchback showed potential volumes in the U.S. right now are roughly 20,000 units a year,” Cravero said. “That is not enough to make it a viable business case.”

Cravero said that the situation could change if demand in the U.S. shifts to smaller vehicles.

A spokesman said that Alfa plans to return to the U.S. in the second half of 2011 with the Milano, a five-door mid-sized hatchback.

Alfa Romeo MiTo

– By: Stephen Calogera