Rumor: Toyota working on hybrid sports car to rival Honda CR-Z hybrid

Toyota Sports Hybrids Car

Honda recently confirmed that its production CR-Z hybrid will be arriving in Japan in February 2010. According to 7Tune, Toyota is now developing a new hybrid sports car to compete with the CR-Z hybrid.

Toyota’s hybrid sports car will be based on a shortened Prius platform that will be reduced by 100mm. The 2010 Prius’ 1.8L Atkinson 4-cylinder engine will be carried over as well but will be retuned to produce a total of 134-hp. As a result, fuel-economy of Toyota’s hybrid sports car will be a little less than the Prius’ 50 mpg.

Toyota’s 2-door 2+2 hybrid sports car is expected to debut in mid-2012. Yeah – we’re going to file this under rumors for now.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: 7Tune