FedEx expands hybrid truck fleet by 50 percent

FedEx Truck Fleet

FedEx announced today that it is expanding its hybrid-electric fleet by 50 percent by adding 92 hybrid trucks. That increases its hybrid-electric truck fleet from 172 to 264.

“The FedEx hybrid-electric fleet has logged more than four million miles of revenue service since being introduced in 2004, reducing fuel use by 150,000 gallons and carbon dioxide emissions by 1,521 metric tons, which is equivalent to removing 279 cars from the road annually,” FedEx said in a statement.

Hybrid conversions of its trucks were done in Charlotte, N.C., during the past six months and created 50 new, temporary green jobs in the area. The converted hybrids were developed in partnership with Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) and Eaton Corporation, which provides the hybrid-electric systems. The system allows FedEx trucks to improve fuel-economy by 44 percent and reduce NOx emission by 75 percent when compared to a standard delivery truck.

“Hybrid technology helps FedEx reduce emissions and fuel use as we work to increase the efficiency of our vehicle fleet,” said Mitch Jackson, director of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability, FedEx Corp. “We are eager for additional government and industry support to find more affordable options for hybrid trucks, so that we may adopt them into our fleet at a faster pace.”

The 92 hybrid trucks will be placed into service in California, primarily in the Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco metropolitan areas.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor