Miscellaneous Thoughts: Bugatti EB110 totaled, nuns fined for going 121 mph in a Fiesta, national speed-limit increase resulted in 12,500 deaths

Bugatti EB110 Crashed

Time for some random findings on the internet. Let’s get right to it.

Bugatti EB110 totaled at Bavaria Moscow City Racing event: One of the 139 Bugatti EB110 models ever produced was totaled after crashing into a cement gutter on the side of the road during the 2009 Bavaria Moscow City Racing event. The predecessor to the Veyron is powered by a 3.5L quad-turbo V12 that makes 542-hp allowing it to go from 0 to 62 mph in 3.4 seconds with a top speed of 213 mph. – WCF

Nun fined for going 121 mph in a Ford Fiesta to see the Pope: Italian police pulled over a Ford Fiesta doing 121 mph carrying three nuns who said they were on their way to be at the pope’s side after he lost his balance in the bathroom and broke his wrist. “The police were shocked to find three nuns of a certain age in the Fiesta,” said the driving nun. “But we were afraid of getting there late. I know you shouldn’t go so fast, but the news of his Holiness’s injury had made us truly anxious.” – Guardian

Study finds that deaths and injuries are up as a result of national speed-limit increase: A study by School of Public Health at the University of Illinois, Chicago, found that deaths and injuries have increased as a result of the national speed limit increase on American interstates from 55 mph in 1995 .The study found that “fatalities attributed 12,545 deaths and 36,582 injuries in fatal crashes to higher speed limits implemented during the 1995-2005 study period.” – U.S. News (via AutoBlog)

– By: Omar Rana