Miscellaneous Thoughts: Hybrid drivers get more traffic tickets than their counterparts, Tata to deliver first Nano on Fri.

Hybrid drivers get more traffic tickets than gasoline-powered car drivers: According to a study conducted by California-based Quality Planning Corporation, drivers of hybrid vehicles are more likely to get a traffic ticked or into a collision than gasoline powered vehicles. Seems odd right? But it makes a little sense when you look at the statistics side of it. Quality Planning Corporation says that most hybrid drivers live in urban settings with more traffic. The firm also said that hybrid owners drive 25 percent more than gasoline powered car owners since they are a little too mpg happy. – AllCarsElectric

Tata Motors to deliver first Nano on Friday: Tata Motors said today that it will deliver its first Nano, the world’s cheapest car, on Friday. Tata has assured price protection for the first 100,000 customers at 100,000 rupees ($2,053). – Reuters

Toyota launches 2010 Prius mobile site: Have a BlackBerry or an iPhone? Toyota has just launched a new mobile site for its 2010 Toyota Prius that gives consumers the ability to look at pictures, info and videos of the Prius on the go. iPhone and iPod Touch users will be able to view videos and a 360-degree colorizer. – Toyota (via InsideLine)

– By: Stephen Calogera