2010 Tesla Roadster to get Wi-Fi and other upgrades

Tesla Roadster

One thing that angers most car buyers are the additional features that automakers add in the mid-life-cycle update of a vehicle that they end up missing out on. So while you Tesla Roadster owners are driving around thinking you’re so special for helping out the environment, Tesla Motors is about to burst your bubble.

According to DrComputer over at Tesla Motors Club forums, Tesla Motors is planning some upgrades for their Roadster. Someone named Ted at Tesla told DrComputer that the company is planning to insert Wi-Fi cards into the Roadster which will allow Tesla to “download firmware remotely, gather statistics, unlock doors, know the cars exact location, etc.” The feature will eventually allow iPhone/Blackberry apps to be written to interact with the car.

Also in the works is better cooling for the power electronics, improved air-conditioning with variable speed fans and glove box locks.

Tesla Roadster:

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Tesla Motors Club (via AutoBlog)