Unites States Postal Service to use 6,500 alternative-fuel vehicles

The United States Postal Service announced today that it will make a one-for-one replacement of 6,500 vehicles with 1,000 E85 capable, 900 gasoline/electric hybrid vehicles to its mail-delivery fleet and 4,600 4-cylinder gasoline powered vehicles. The move is a part of the U.S. General Services Administration’s recent $210 million purchase of new vehicles from the Detroit 3. The USPS said that there was no cost to the Postal Service for the vehicles and that GSA bore all purchase and distribution expenses.

The USPS operates and maintains 220,000 vehicles – the largest civilian fleet in the country.

“With our fleet traveling more than 1.2 billion miles a year, the Postal Service consistently looks for ways to reduce the environmental footprint that results from visiting every home and business in America six days a week,” said Sam Pulcrano, vice president, Sustainability.

In order to keep things green for now, the USPS is using T3 electric-vehicles in Florida, two 4th-generation fuel-cell Chevrolet Equinox hydrogen in Irvine, CA, 35 propane-powered vehicles in Florida and 300 vehicles nationwide that are powered by biodiesel fuel.

The USPS is also working with Chrysler to use their Chrysler Town & Country ENVI electric-minivans in their fleets.

Chrysler Town & Country ENVI Concept for USPS:

– By: Stephen Calogera