Go green: Finance your Tesla Roadster through Bank of America

There you are – looking to go green but still wanting to stay cool. After looking over the limited choices you have for electric-vehicles, you narrow it down to the Tesla Roadster; however, the only problem is you don’t have the $109,000 it costs to purchase the Tesla.

Well, Bank of America has come to your rescue. Tesla Motors announced yesterday that it is offering financing for the Roadster through Bank of America.

“Owning a Roadster can result in a lower total monthly cost than a gas-guzzling sports car with a similar sticker price,” Tesla said in a statement. “Thanks to the low cost of electricity vs. gasoline, the Roadster costs roughly $4 to fully recharge – a bargain even when gasoline costs less than $1 per gallon.”

Bank of America will directly finance, document, and service vehicle loans for customers, providing a very easy online interface for these services. All agreements and payments will be between the customer and Bank of America.

Tesla said that it also plans to offer financing for the Model S sedan.

Tesla Roadster:

– By: Stephen Calogera