Spy Shot: CAR Magazine scoops the ‘New Grand Bentley’

Spy Shots: New Grand Bentley

Bentley has been very secretive about its upcoming model, known only as the ‘New Grand Bentley.’ The company has released only one teaser along with a bunch of useless videos that show us the landscape around Bentley’s Crewe headquarters.

Thanks to UK’s CAR Magazine, we now have the first official scoop on the Bentley Arnage replacement. The spy shot you’re seeing above was reportedly smuggled out of the company’s Crewe headquarters weeks ahead of the car’s unveiling at the┬áPebble Beach Concours in August.

It is still a mystery as to what Bentley will call the model, but sources say that the ‘Grand’ name is the leading candidate.

We’ll have more for you eventually.

The all-new Grand Bentley:

The New Grand Bentley

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: CAR