BMW to top Lexus as no.1 in U.S. luxury sales

2009 BMW 7-Series

BMW is on its way to take the best-selling luxury brand title in the United States from Lexus in 2009 – eight years after BMW has been stuck at number 2.

According to Automotive News, as automakers prepare to report June sales tomorrow, BMW is slightly ahead of Lexus with 76,819 units to 73,186. The U.S. is BMW’s largest market with 23 percent of its 1.27 million sales coming from the U.S. market last year. Germany was the second largest sales volume market for BMW with 19.6 percent.

During the first 5 months of 2009, Lexus’ U.S. sales have dropped 37.2 percent, wile BMW’s sales were down 30.5 percent.

“This year’s emphasis is on maintaining our market share and even growing our share a bit,” said Jan Ehlen, a spokesman for BMW of North America. “If this results in remaining in the top spot of the premium market, that would be a nice bonus.”

Cadillac dominated the number one spot in the best-selling luxury brand market from 1946 through 1997. Lincoln took over in 1998 followed by Mercedes-Benz in 1999.

– By: Omar Rana