Ford launches new site to find your vehicles ‘Cash for Clunkers’ eligibility

Let Ford Recycle Your Ride

Still confused about how that Cash for Clunkers program from the U.S. government works? Well, Ford is here to help out with the launch of a new site called “Let Ford Recycle Your Ride.”

“Beginning Thursday, June 25, Ford will dedicate a section on its Web site to take out all the guesswork on the program, as well as show consumers if their current vehicle qualifies as a clunker, through an interactive calculator,” Ford said in a statement. “Once on the site, consumers can also find out how much in voucher funds they are eligible to receive based on the new Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicle selected.”

Ford is offering 20 vehicles across its Ford, Lincoln and Mercury lineup for consumers to choose from.

Head over to to see if your vehicle is eligible for a voucher.

– By: Omar Rana