Next-generation BMW M5 to produce in the excess of 600-hp

2009 BMW M5

The current 2009 BMW M5 produces an outstanding 500-hp from its 5.0L V10 engine. However, Audi’s RS6 has now stepped up the game with a twin-turbo V10 that makes a neck-snapping 580-hp and Mercedes-Benz’s 2010 E63 AMG now pumps out 518-hp.

Well, BMW won’t take it anymore. Starting with the next-generation M5, BMW will use a new uprated version of the 555-hp 4.4L twin turbo found under the hood of the BMW X6 M and the BMW X5 M. Sources say that the M5 will pair the engine to an F1-style KERS system that will help produce in the excess of 600-hp.

The new M5 will also care a little about fuel-economy using a new system that shuts down cylinders when they are not needed.

We’ll get more information next year.

Source: AutoExpress

– By: The Daily Auto Editor