GM to cut more than 4,000 white-collar jobs by October

General Motors spokesman Tom Wilkinson said that it plans to complete its 20 percent cut in its white-collar work force by October. The plan, which is detailed in letters to the bankrupt automaker’s employees sent out yesterday, will eliminate more than 4,000 jobs through layoffs and terminations.

“This is what we’ve talked about – a leaner organization with fewer levels of management,” Wilkinson said. “You start to see what the new organization will look like.”

Most of the cuts will come as GM gets rid of Hummer, Saab and Saturn and slashes manufacturing capacity.

At the end, GM will have 23,500 white-collar workers in the United States, down from more than 49,000 in 2000 and down from 29,600 at the beginning of 2009.

GM has cut 60,500 jobs in U.S. factories since 2006, which is more than half of its factory work force.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: Reuters