2012 Honda CR-V: Details, rendering and rumors

2010 Honda CR-V Rendering

The Honda CR-V has been on sale since 1996 and didn’t receive its first major redesign until 2007. According to Mag-X, Honda is now working on the 2012 CR-V and has settled on the basic requirements for the 4th generation model and is currently focusing on the design direction.

Overall, Honda is focusing on increasing the sales of the CR-V in many regions and wants to do so by saving or dropping development cost.

With that in mind, the fourth-generation Honda CR-V will be based upon the current platform and will carry over the 2.4L K24A engine. Mag-X said that there are no plans for a V6 unit for the North American market or a diesel model for the Japanese market.

Mag -X says that Honda will rely on the design and minor interior upgrades in order to boost sales of the 2012 CR-V. Looking out for the formal introduction in Oct. 2011 at the Tokyo Motor Show.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: Temple of VTec