No more Dodge Ram diesel in the works, Chrysler cancels Cummins contract

We’re getting pretty sick with the on and off about this light-duty Cummins diesel engine for the Dodge Ram 1500 (honestly, it’s the last thing on our minds and we could care less). Last we heard, the diesel Ram was delayed until 2011; however, today it’s been reported that Chrysler disclosed the termination of its diesel deal with Cummins as a part of a group of supplier rejections filed Wednesday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Apparently, Cummins feelings aren’t so hurt since the move was inevitable.

“We’re OK with it,” Land told Automotive News, who said that the contract was signed in 2006. “Obviously a lot’s changed in Chrysler’s world and the world at large since then.”

So what was that 2011 delay all about? Frank Klegon, then Chrysler’s executive vice president of product development, said that stricter federal emissions standards and the high cost of diesel fuel in announcing the change.

What can you say? Things change.

– By: Omar Rana