Toyota/Subaru RWD coupe design will be inspired by the Lexus LF-A

Toyobaru - Lexus LF-A

The much anticipated rear-wheel-drive sports coupe from Toyota and Subaru is on track for a 2011 release. The folks over at 7Tune have dug up some more information on the Toyobaru, internally known as the 086A. According to insiders, design of the 086A will be inspired by the Lexus LF-A with slight differences between the Subaru and Toyota versions.

Sources say that Subaru is considering an STi version of the car while Toyota still has yet to confirm a TRD version. Nonetheless, an STi version is expected to be offered regardless of whether Toyota offers a TRD version or not.

Insiders say that keeping the price of the 086A at 2 million yen is very crucial for the success of the car. We hope to have official details from Toyota and Subaru soon. In the meantime check out the specification list put together by 7Tune after the jump.

Toyota Subaru Compact FR “086A” Specifications:

Engine: EJ20 Direct Injection Gasoline 4 Cylinder

Capacity: 1994cc

Power: 200PS

Torque: 20.0kg/m

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual

Wheelbase: 2470mm

Total Length: 4200mm

Total Width: 1750mm

Total Height: 1300mm

Weight: 1200kg

Cost: 2,000,000 JPY

– By: Omar Rana

Source: 7Tune