2010 Subaru Legacy gets EPA rated 31 mpg on the highway

Subaru announced today that the EPA has officially rated the 2010 Subaru Legacy at 26 mpg combined and 31 mpg highway, despite the fact that the car has grown in size in almost every dimension.

“Specifically, the Legacy 2.5i CVT now exhibits better fuel economy (EPA combined) than such Front-Wheel competitors such as Honda Accord, Mazda6i, VW Passat and Hyundai Sonata” Subaru said in a statement. “Furthermore, the new Legacy is now the highest rated midsize AWD sedan (EPA combined) in the U.S. market for 2010MY.”

The 2010 Subaru Legacy is on sale now with prices starting at $19,995 ($20,690 when you include the $695 destination charge).

Make the jump for the full EPA fuel-economy ratings for each 2010 Legacy model.

2010 Subaru Legacy:

2010MY EPA Fuel Economy Ratings:

Legacy 2.5i 6MT         19 mpg city / 22 mpg combined / 27 mpg hwy

Legacy 2.5i CVT         23 mpg city / 26 mpg combined / 31 mpg hwy

Legacy 2.5GT 6MT        18 mpg city / 21 mpg combined / 25 mpg hwy

Legacy 3.6R 5AT         18 mpg city / 21 mpg combined / 25 mpg hwy

– By: The Daily Auto Editor