Miscellaneous Thoughts: Another BMW X1 teaser released, Ford may experience speed bumps ahead, GM urged to make small-car in Michigan

BMW X1 Teaser

We’re getting close to wrapping up the day here at egmCarTech but we’re not calling it quits without our daily ‘Miscellaneous Thoughts’ post.

Another BMW X1 teaser released: Joining all the spy shots, teasers and videos, BMW has released yet another teaser for the upcoming BMW X1 compact SUV. Click her for more details on the BMW X1.

Chrysler and GM bankruptcy fixes may cause problem for Ford in the future: Ford is currently the American automobile industry’s pride and joy. However, with Chrysler already out of bankruptcy and GM possibly coming out in six weeks, Ford may soon find itself ¬†in¬†weakest position of the traditional Big 3 according to CNNMoney. Ford, which built its cash reserves buy mortgaging company assets before the credit crisis in 2008, is left with about $32 billion in debt on its books. – CNNMoney

GM urged to make small-car in Michigan: As GM continues to narrow down its plant choices to produce a new small-car in North America, members of Michigan”s congressional delegation signed a letter to Fritz Henderson urging him to take the state”s economic crisis and produce the car at a plant in Michigan. – Free Press

– By: Omar Rana