Jaguar’s chief engineer calls Lexus hybrids inefficient

Recently we’ve been hearing a lot about Jaguar’s goals to incorporate hybrid technology into their lineup. The Tata Motors owned company isn’t just concentrating on a conventional hybrid system, but is looking to develop a range-extending plug-in hybrid system much like the one found in the Chevrolet Volt.

It has been speculated that the next-generation XJ will feature a plug-in hybrid variant that will be able to travel on electric-power alone until the battery runs out. After that, a small 4-cylinder engine will kick in to provide additional mileage.

Jaguar’s chief engineer Kevin Stride says that Jaguar is staying away from the conventional gasoline-hybrid systems as the ones used on Lexus hybrid vehicles.

“To me, that seems inefficient because a petrol engine isn’t as efficient as an electric motor. You want your most efficient motor driving the wheels,” he said. “Technically it’s not the right option, but commercially it has been the right answer because it has done wonders for the perception of their brand,” he says.

He said that Jaguar’s Volt-like hybrid system will provide potential performance gains over conventional hybrid and gasoline powertrains

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Drive