Tesla CEO: Gas should be $10/gallon, Toyota Prius isn’t a true hybrid

Speaking at Wired Business Conference, Tesla Motors founder and CEO Elon Musk said that he is “anti-tax” but “pro-carbon tax.” Gasoline “should probably be $10” per gallon Musk said.

“I’m not paying for the true cost of gasoline at the pump…since nobody’s explicitly paying for the CO2 capacity of the oceans and atmospheres, it’s getting consumed. We will pay for it down the road, but we are sort of ignoring it for now.”

Taking a shot at the Toyota Prius, Musk said: “A Prius is not a true hybrid, really,” he said. “The current Prius is like, 2 percent electric. It’s a gasoline car with slightly better mileage.”

Tesla recently delivered the 500th Tesla Roadster to an entrepreneur in New Jersey. The company is now working on getting its Tesla Model S sedan on the road by mid-2011.

Tesla Model S:

– By: Mo Eladawy

Source: CNET Green Tech