Chrysler resumes production at 1st plant following bankruptcy… the Viper plant

Now that Chrysler has completed its sale to Fiat SpA, the newly formed Chrysler Group LLC resumed production at its first factory since coming out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Surprisingly, the plant that Chrysler chose to reopen first is its Conner Avenue plant, which makes the low-volume Dodge Viper.

There has been quite an interesting controversy involved with Chrysler’s Viper business, which now belongs to Fiat SpA. The Auburn Hills automaker has built only 61 cars at the Conner Avenue plant this year.

Chrysler shut down all operations after its Chapter 11 filing on April 30. According to Automotive News, most plants are now scheduled to resume production by the end of June.

“At this time, we cannot give exact timing in regards to the start of production at our other manufacturing facilities,” the Fiat SpA controlled automaker said in a statement today.

The plants will first resume production of some 2009 models and will then switch to 2010 models after the normal summer shutdown in July.

– By: Omar Rana