Iacocca and retirees welcome Sergio Marchionne as CEO of Chrysler Group LLC

Lee Iacocca

Former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca is leading a group of Chrysler retirees in welcoming new CEO and partner Sergio Marchionne and Fiat SpA.

In a full-page ad in Detroit newspapers today, Iacocca is joined by some 19,000 Chrysler retirees in offering their help as advisers “in any capacity that you might require. As a first step, we would be willing to meet with the Chrysler human resources team to determine where help is needed and to identify historically top-producing volunteers to assist you. Just put us to work.”

“While there are still some exceptions that we hope will be reevaluated, we are grateful that the new company has elected to make its history (that’s us) part of its future,” the ad says referring to some retirement plans that may be seen as a bad asset to the new Fiat owned Chrysler Group LLC.

It was reported last month that Lee Iacocca would lose his pension and company car since Chrysler will no longer have to pay it if it sells itself as “Chrysler Group LLC,” to Fiat.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Detroit News