Ford planning a four-door-coupe Mondeo variant

Ford Iosis Concept

The folks over at CAR Online have dug up some dirt on Ford’s plan for the next-generation Mondeo. According to their sources, joining the estate and sedan model will be a four-door-coupe variant offering a cut-price CLS.

Now that Ford of Europe is making some green, it can afford to produce image-building cars. The four-door-coupe Mondeo will be halo car for the brand along with the reincarnation of the Capri. And you stateside folks can cheer-up a little because CAR says that Ford’s upcoming European models have true world-car potential (such as the Fiesta and the next-generation Focus).

When can we see a four-door-coupe Mondeo? Well, you’ll have to be very patient because before the four-door-coupe variant comes along, Ford will have to redesign the Mondeo in 2012-13.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: CAR