2010 Pontiac Vibe will be the last Pontiac model

The 2010 Pontiac Vibe will be the last Pontiac to come from the dead GM brand. Why? Well, it’s because the Pontiac Vibe is built at GM and Toyota’s NUMMI joint-venture plant in California. Don’t expect any massive changes to the 2010 model. “The Vibe lineup will include three versions: a base model, an all-wheel-drive, and a GT,” GM said.

New for the 2010 Pontiac Vibe:

“¢ Exterior color: Ignition Orange Metallic replaces Mystic Blue Metallic
“¢ Air conditioning now standard on all models
“¢ Luggage rack available on AWD models
“¢ Cargo management package
“¢ Sun & Sound package available on base 1.8L models

Separately, GM will continue to offer the G6 to fleet customers only.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor