Tesla’s former co-founder working on mobile chargers for the Tesla Roadster

Martin Eberhard, co-founder of Tesla Motors, is now one of the aftermarket entrepreneurs of Tesla electric-cars. When Eberhard left Tesla in January of 2008, he said that he planned to start another company entirely in the green tech field.

Eberhard now writes over at his blog at http://www.teslafounders.com. In a recent entry, Eberhard said that he is busy building mobile chargers for the Tesla Roadster.

“I originally intended to build one for myself,” Eberhard wrote. “Then for a few friends. Now I am swamped with requests from Roadster owners who want a more flexible mobile charging solution. I plan to write a blog about my little charger one of these days. But then there is my ‘real’ job that already takes 110 percent of my time!”

We’re excited to see what Eberhard comes up with.

Tesla Roadster:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Tesla Founders (via Inside Line)