Pontiac G8 may still survive under another GM badge

We’ve been driving around in the 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP for the past couple of days, and the more we drive it, the more we hear Fritz Henderson’s voice in the back of our heads – “No, the G8 will not be rebranded as a Chevy or Caddy.”

To be a little opinionated, if GM killed the G8 along with Pontiac, they would be killing a great car.

Well, it seems like they are finally realizing that. According to GM’s vice chairman of global product development Tom Stephens, the Pontiac G8 may survive with another GM badge. 

“I know there’s still discussions on it,” Stephens told Automotive News. “But Chevrolet already has several sedans. How many sedans do you need to cover the waterfront?”

The Pontiac G8 is engineered and put together by GM’s Holden brand; and that V8 from the Corvette in the G8 GXP just puts a huge grin on our faces.

We’ll be bringing you our full review on the 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP shortly – so stay tuned.

– By: Mohamed Eladawy