Holden will not be sold by ‘New GM’

As GM prepares to sell its Swedish and German brand, Opel and Saab, the bankrupt automaker’s Australian brand is safe. After its surgical bankruptcy, the ‘New GM’ will consist of just four core brands including Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC and Buick.

However, managing director of GM Holden, Mark Reuss, says that the Australian brand will not be sold.

“I can’t say forever because some day when I’m not here, and more perhaps when someone may have that idea, but we have not been approached, nor have we been offered, nor are we pursuing any sale of Holden,” Reuss said.

“This is one of the iconic brands in Australia, and I think it always will be as long as we take care of it and feed it with the products and the different dealer services that we do today, which are very good.”

As GM files for one of the biggest bankruptcies in U.S. history, Reuss said that Holden will remain unchanged and will join the ‘New GM.’

Reuss said that company is now focused on improving the Commodore lineup and launching the Holden Cruze and Volt models.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Drive