Audi engineers focus on cutting weight to improve handling and performance

While Audi plans the next-generation of its lineup, the German automaker is completely rethinking the way it engineers it cars with a focus on cutting weight. According to Audi’s director of technical development Michael Dick “hybrid and electric powertrains and lightweight construction” are priority for the next-generation version of Audi’s MLP (or modular longitudinal platform).

Weight reduction is very important, Dick said. It will be the “basis for the electrification of the car.” He said that dramatic weight-saving technologies will also be applied to Audi’s conventionally powered vehicles since it allows them improved handling and better performance.

The first prototype of Audi’s MLP program is a S5 coupe that is 400kg (880 lbs) lighter than the current production model. 

Dick said that even though the experimental S5 is powered by a 230-hp 4-cylinder, it lapped the Nurburgring a whole 8 seconds faster than its V8 sibling.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: AutoCar