Report: Production VW BlueSport may be sold as an Audi, can carry 6-cylinder engine

Just yesterday, we reported that the Volkswagen BlueSport Concept is ready to take the giant leap into production. It was reported that the BlueSport could carry a starting price-tag of about $30,000 when it hits showrooms.

According to AutoCar, the BlueSport may not be sold as V-Dub. Apparently the big bosses at Audi don’t believe that someone would cash out $30,000 for a Volkswagen badged roadster. In order to make the two-seater more cost-effective, they may sell it as an Audi or Seat.

Yesterday, we told you that project leader Marco Fabiano, said that the 265-hp 2.0L turbocharged engine from the Volkswagen Scirocco R is also being considered besides the 180-hp 4-cylinder diesel. Well, he also told the AutoCar folks that the BlueSport is capable of taking a 6-cylinder engine as well.

Sources say that Porsche is unlikely to get a version of the car. Rumors that Porsche may use the BlueSport to revive the 914 have been refuted by Volkswagen insiders.

Volkswagen Concept BlueSport:

– By: Kap Shah

Source: AutoCar