Why you won’t see many Mini Coopers on the road tomorrow

So tomorrow is World Environment Day 2009 (no really, it actually exists – check out the website) and to get its already ‘environmentally conscious’ consumers to do their part, Mini is asking its owners not to drive their Coopers tomorrow.

In a campaign called ‘Let’s Not Motor Day,’ Mini is asking its owners to “buckle down, instead of up.”

“Let’s have a day when we organize a walk pool,” says Mini. “When we give the highway some breathing room. And get where we’re going with our own power instead of horsepower. For just one day, let’s come together, both Mini owners and enthusiasts, to put our cars in park and hide our keys.”

Yes… that sounds fine and dandy and all, but as enthusiasts on their way to pick up a 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP from GM’s press fleet, we’re going to have to pass this ‘green’ day and put 402-hp to the road.

Either way, if you own a Mini and you’re interested in saving the world, you can pledge the miles you aren’t going to drive and Mini will put your name on its website.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: MINI