2010 Jaguar XJ could get hybrid powertrain

We’re about a month away from July 9th when Jaguar will unveil the much-anticipated Jaguar XJ for the very first time. So far, we’ve seen a teaser image that doesn’t reveal much and a boring video from Jaguar’s design head, Ian Callum.

The folks at Car Magazine now bring is some more details on the XJ and a couple of renderings on how the 2010 XJ will look like.

Known internally at Jaguar as the X351, the new XJ is out to set a new stylistic benchmark for Jaguar. In fact, the only thing we can remember Callum saying from his one-minute video is: “It certainly meets the expectations of people who understand design with a capital D,” says Callum.

Sources say that along with its good looks, the new XJ is all about performance, handling and economy. The new diesel spec models, which will be powered by a 237-hp and the 275-hp AJ-V6D found in the XF Diesel, will help the XJ achieve the lowest CO2 of any luxury sedan – including the Lexus LS600h hybrid.

While the XJ will be launched with a line of gasoline and diesel units, Jaguar is set to develop a hybrid powertrain of its own alongside Land Rover. Of course, you can expect Jaguar will be taking on the luxury hybrid sedans with its own ‘green’ models.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: CAR