Video: AutoCar interviews Ulrich Bez about the Aston Martin One-77

Dr. Ulrich Bez has the job every auto enthusiast can only dream of – being CEO of Aston Martin. Bez, 66, received his doctorate in engineering from the University of Stuttgart, but had to create a resume with other impressive credentials than that to become the boss of Aston.

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He has previously held positions at Porsche, BMW and Daewoo Motors where he’s been responsible for product design and development. Even standing next to Bez is a privilege in itself (and we say that only because he’s the main man behind the idea of the Aston Martin One-77).

The folks over at AutoCar recently had the lucky opportunity to interview Bez about the new Aston Martin One-77 and even had him fire it up for the cameras. Of course, AutoCar did what every other auto journalist would do after hearing the sound coming from the 700-hp One-77 – they asked Bez if they could drive it. Did Bez say yes or no? Find out in the video posted after the jump.

Follow the jump for the video.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor