Toyota considers buying GM’s NUMMI stake, Watanabe considering helping GM’s restructuring efforts

It was reported yesterday that Toyota is looking to continue its NUMMI partnership with GM at the California plant where both produce the Pontiac Vibe, Toyota Tacoma and Corolla. However, since GM is killing the Pontiac brand by the end of the year, it sees no need to continue its NUMMI partnership with Toyota.

“The Vibe will go down with the phase out of Pontiac so there would be no need for NUMMI,” CEO Fritz Henderson told reporters.

Toyota is now saying that it may consider buying out GM’s stake since its products already account for nearly 80 percent of NUMMI’s output, reports Automotive News.

Toyota’s spokesman Hideaki Homma said that Toyota hasn’t received a proposal from GM. He said that Watanabe would consider aiding GM in its restructuring efforts; although, Homma didn’t provide any specifics.

– By: Omar Rana