Nissan working on Nurburgring edition of the 370Z

According to reports by European media, Nissan is working on a special limited-edition Nurburgring version of the Nissan 370Z to pay tribute to the race-prepped 370Z that raced during the 24-Hour Race. No power upgrades are reported for the Nurburgring edition, meaning the limited-edition 370Z continues to run on its 332-hp 3.7L V6.

So what’s all the Nurbugring-ness about? Nissan will throw on a set of 19-inch OZ Racing alloy wheels and you can expect some Nurburgring track logos on the seats and the floor-mats.

Nissan will build on 80 units of the yellow 370Z Nurburgring edition. Pricing starts at the U.S. dollar equivalent of $71,275. All 80 buyers will receive a bonus card worth $212 of public track days at the famous Nordschleife.

2009 Nissan 370Z:



– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: Inside Line