Disgruntled Land Rover owner lists problems with SUV on window, leaves it outside dealership

Usually when we’re fed up with the problems with our cars, we turn to car forums on the internet to vent our anger over the brand we bought and the issues we face with our dealership in getting those problems fixed.

Well, not this individual. An anonymous driver parked and left a Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE after customizing it with lettering that lists the faults with the SUV on the side window.

On top, the disgruntled owner of the Range Rover wrote: “Problems with… 6 front ball joints, 4 front arm bushes, new seat base, front and rear n/s struts, full n/s suspension unit, anti-roll bar bushes, air con.”

Below the list of problems in large yellow letters, the Range Rover Sport reads: “If you want trouble free motoring do not buy one of these!!!”

Of course, it’s not the best piece of advertising to have outside your dealership but the Colchester, Essex dealership has no power to move the car since it is parked legally on a public road outside the showroom.

Jaguar Land Rover’s corporate communications manage Mark Foster said: “Land Rover operates a comprehensive warranty programme with, where appropriate, a strong goodwill policy. All necessary repairs to this vehicle over 42,000 miles have been carried out under warranty. However, we are disappointed this customer’s ownership experience has been unfortunate and as such we have made a goodwill offer towards helping him into a new vehicle.”

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: MailOnline
Photo Credit: Eastnews