Tesla’s next sports car will have rear-seating, all-wheel-drive

While Tesla’s new Model S sedan will be built on the company’s own platform, the Tesla Roadster shares its underpinnings with the Lotus Elise. However, now it’s time to work on the next Roadster, and like all future Teslas, the next-generation roadster will ride on a variation of the Model S platform.

While that will help Tesla cut back on cost rather than producing another platform, the move will also help make the next Roadster roomier – in fact it may not be a roadster at all. You can probably think of it as a Tesla Model S convertible.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tells WebRidesTV that the next Tesla sports car will have 2+2 seating, a “roomier Porsche.” It will have 10 percent bigger rear seating and 50 percent more trunk space. Musk said that the next Tesla sports car will also come with all-wheel-drive. He said that there will be a base model to a GT version.

No word on when this will all happen but WebRidesTV says that 2012, 2013 isn’t a bad guess.

Tesla Roadster:


– By: Kap Shah

Source: WebRidesTV (via AutoblogGreen)