Ford to increase production in June and for the third-quarter

While GM and Chrysler go through their bankruptcies, FoMoCo announced today that it will be boosting production in June and for the third-quarter of 2009. Ford sales analyst George Pipas said that the move to increase production has nothing to do with GM’s bankruptcy filing.

“If there wasn’t demand for our production and if our days’ supply wasn’t in such great shape, we wouldn’t be increasing production,” Pipas told Automotive News.

Ford will be adding 10,000 vehicles to its second-quarter North American production schedule. In the third-quarter, the plan calls for production of 460,000 cars and light trucks – a 10 percent increase from last year.

Surprisingly, the production increase will be concentrated on crossovers such as the Ford Escape and Edge, as well as the F-150 Super Crew pickup. Pipas said that those vehicles have been selling well despite the depressed automotive market. 

We’re guessing low-gas prices have something to do with that.

– By: Omar Rana