GRID Honda S2000 Coupe Concept shows hard-top successor to the roadster

Earlier this week, we heard rumors that Honda is working on a successor to the S2000. However, after reading that the model would be a 2+2 coupe, with no rear-wheel-drive (it will have AWD) and a hybrid system, the car started to sound less and less like a successor of the award-winning roadster and more like another car by itself.

What could Honda possibly come up with here that would give this new model the privilege of saying “I belong to the family of the S2000?” To help us answer that question, Lars Martensson (aka GRID) is back with a rendering of a Honda S2000 Coupe. Earlier this morning we saw Martensson’s amazing Subaru Impreza WRX STI concept and this S2000 study is nothing less than impressive.

Right away, you’ll notice the concept’s GT-R like face. Going around the side you’ll see some large air-vents and a rounded rear-end with the exhaust pipes embedded into the rear-bumper.

We have to say, Martensson is one talented artist.

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GRID Honda S2000 Coupe Concept:



– By: Kap Shah

Source: 3dluvr (via CarScoop)