Miscellaneous Thoughts: No smiling rule for driver’s license photos, GM executive to join Maserati

It’s that time of the day again – where we gather up some of the random things we’ve come across from our editor’s desk into our Miscellaneous Thoughts post.

No smiling rule in place when taking your driver’s license photo: Arkansas, Indiana, Nevada and Virginia have adopted a new rule that forces citizens not to smile when taking their driver’s license photo. “Neutral facial expressions” are required and allows the DMV to compare a new photo to those in the system. This helps the DMV avoid fraud by using a new face recognition software. – USAToday

Former Cadillac boss Mark McNabb to join Maserati: As reported last week, Mark McNabb has resigned his position as the head of GM’s Cadillac brand. Sources told Automotive News that McNabb will lead Maserati’s North America division and will replace Marti Eulberg who left the Italian automaker last month. McNabb joined General Motors just 13 months ago and will leave on June 1.

Ford’s Advantage Plan ends June 1: Ford’s 0% APR financing and “we’ll make your payments for up to 12 months if you lose your paycheck” plan will be ending on June 1. Interested in buying a Ford but fear that you may lose your job? Go buy one right now. – KickingTires

– By: Kap Shah
Photo Credit: H. Darr Beiser, USA TODAY