Miscellaneous Thoughts: Chrysler bankruptcy may last two years, lawyers ask judge to pay them first

Today’s edition of Miscellaneous Thoughts goes out to Chrysler and all the headlines the automaker has been making with its U.S. Bankruptcy Court stay.

Chrysler bankruptcy may take as long as two years: According to an administration official, Chrysler’s bankruptcy may last as long as two years instead of the 30 to 60 days President Barack Obama suggested. Apparently, the 60 day stay deals with the quick sale of Chrysler’s best assets to the new company that will be held by Fiat. – Reuters

Agreement prevents UAW strikes against Chrysler until 2015: In an agreement reached in court, the new company that will be owned by Fiat will be free of strikes by the UAW until at least 2015. – Bloomberg

Chrysler lawyers ask judge to pay them first: Chrysler’s lawyers have asked the judge to set their fees as a special priority. – CNNMoney

Alex Roy’s team tests the Polizei Interceptor 144P: Alex Roy and his team ran a test lap with their TRG prepared Porsche GT3 prior to Team Polizei’s professional racing debut at the Grand-Am Rolex Series Verizon Festival of Speed on May 17 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, Calif. – Check out the video after the jump.


– By: Kap Shah