Opel working on production Trixx with Chevy Volt hybrid technology

Opel and Vauxhall seem to have a few Trixx up their sleeve (sorry we couldn’t help it). According to AutoExpress, Opel and its UK division Vauxhall are working on a electric-powered production version of the Trixx concept that was first seen in 2004.

Sources say that the 3+1 seater is aimed at the Toyota iQ, with an electric-motor and battery that will be derived from the hybrid technology in the Opel Ampera (Europe’s version of the Chevrolet Volt). However, insiders say that Opel will ditch the heavy 1.4L gasoline engine that gives the Ampera an eye-popping 300 mile range.

The Opel/Vauxhall Trixx is being built as a compact lightweight city-car that gets a total of 90 miles between fill-ups.

To keep cost of the car down, Opel will lease the battery. Meaning, while you can be the sole owner of the Trixx, the battery that powers your little vehicle will belong to Opel.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoExpress