Miscellaneous Thoughts: LeBron rejects his MVP gift from Kia, Sergio thinks Fiat/Opel partnership will bring cost savings

Have you ever rejected a gift or just handed it to charity? Of course, the more valuable an item the less likely you are to give it away. Many of us would love to get a free car; however, many of us aren’t as wealthy as this NBA season’s MVP player, LeBron James.

LeBron James wins MVP and a Kia Borrego, gives it away: NBA MVP LeBron James received a brand new Kia Borrego for his MVP accomplishment. However, LeBron donated the Borrego to Akron Urban League. Rumor has it that he would much rather be seen driving his Ferraris and Lamborghinis than a Kia. – KickingTires

Fiat CEO sees “immense” cost saving with Opel partnership: Fiat is looking to built the world’s second largest automotive group by purchasing GM’s European operations – actually it’s just Opel – most of the media keeps saying GM’s European operations but Saab has denied being talks with Fiat. Anyhow, Sergio thinks the Opel and Fiat partnership could bring “immense” cost savings. – Detroit News

GMAC posts a $675 million loss: “Clearly a GM bankruptcy would not be good for us, but don’t get me wrong, a GM bankruptcy would not trigger a GMAC filing,” GMAC Chief Financial Officer Robert Hull said. – CNN Money

– By: Kap Shah