Miscellaneous Thoughts: Will Chrysler be renamed? Will the Tesla Model S actually cost $57,400

Will we stop talking about Chrysler any-time-soon? I highly doubt it. With so much going on ever since the company decided to file for bankruptcy and approved its alliance with Fiat, there is no shortage of news on the Auburn Hills automaker.

Will Chrysler be renamed following its partnership with Fiat: “There hasn’t been any thoughts or discussions,” said Chrysler and CEO Bob Nardelli during a press conference yesterday. “Let’s keep using Chrysler for now.”

However, it’s unclear whether Fiat will decide to rename the brand once it takes majority stake. – Inside Line

Chrysler says 38,500 jobs would be lost if it liquidates: Bankrupt Chrysler is doing all it can to seek court approval to partner with Fiat. If the courts reject Chrysler request Chrysler will have to liquidate and the loss of jobs could reach 38,500. – Bloomberg

Will the Tesla Model S really cost $57,400: Well, according to Tesla it will really cost $49,900 after a $7,500 tax credit. However, according to an article by Business Inside, there is no way that the Tesla Model S can cost only $57,400. Basically, they figure that the cost of building a Tesla comes in at $48,528. Subtract that number from $57,400 and you’re left with $8,872 to pay for marketing and turn profit. – Business Insider

– Kap Shah