Jay Leno bids farewell to Pontiac

There is no doubt that when it comes to ‘car guys’ Jay Leno is a huge car enthusiast with his own online TV show about cars and a gigantic warehouse full of expensive and rare vehicles.

So it’s obvious that Leno had something to say about 83-year old brand.

"I was always a fan of those "Wide Track" Pontiacs of the ’60s. When I was a little kid there was no sexier wheel””either in the aftermarket or in regular production””than the 8-lug Pontiac wheel. I remember first seeing them around 1962 on some of the big Bonnevilles. My mom”s Falcon had four lug nuts, the bigger cars on the road had five lug nuts””these Pontiacs had 8. "

Head over to PopularMechanics to read Leno’s article .

– By: Kap Shah