Miscellaneous Thoughts: Nardelli finally talks, Obama said to announce Chrysler bankruptcy tomorrow

Tomorrow is April 30th. To many it’s just another day on the calendar but to us and Chrysler, it is the deadline for the Aurburn Hills automaker set by the Obama administration to restructure and partner with Fiat.

Obama to announce Chrysler bankruptcy tomorrow:  Obama plans to announce tomorrow that Chrysler will be placed into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. A report by Bloomberg said that following a short bankruptcy, Chrysler will form an alliance with Fiat. – Bloomberg

Nardelli finally talks: The other day we were wondering why Chrysler’s CEO hasn’t spoken to the media with the April 30th deadline just around the corner. Today, Bob Nardelli told the Associated Press that Chrysler is progressing towards meeting the government’s restructuring requirements. Anyone else think Nardelli’s always political with his answers? – MSNBC

“I”m encouraged by this progress and I want you to know I deeply appreciate the sacrifices made by so many constituents to help us reach the restructuring targets established by the government.”

Tata Nano waiting list could stretch for years to come: Who would’ve thought that a waiting list for a 35-hp minicar could go head-to-head with the likes of Lamborghini, Ferrari and Aston Martin. Roughly 1 million customers throughout India have signed up to buy the $1,983 Nano. – Inside Line

Honda suspends business travel due to… you guessed it – Swine Flu: Honda has canned all global business trips for its employees. The suspension will be in place until May 6. – AutoCar

– By: Omar Rana