Saturn will take a quarter of GM’s hybrid sales along with it

Along with Saturn, GM will lose just over a quarter of its hybrid sales when the ailing Detroit automaker ends production of the brand with the 2009 model year lineup. According to Automotive News, with the end of Saturn, GM will have a tough time keeping a decent corporate average fuel-economy.

Since Saturn does not offer V8 engines, pickups or body-on-frame SUVs, it is the most fuel-efficient North American division of GM.

The Vue Hybrid and the Aura Hybrid helped Saturn bring in the second highest hybrid sales among GM divisions. Chevrolet was no.1 with a total of 5,838 hybrid sold.

The brand had plans to add a more advanced hybrid version of the Vue this summer. However, with the brand, the advanced Vue Hybrid, along with the plug-in version of the Vue due in 2010, is now dead.

By: Kap Shah