Miscellaneous Thoughts: Should the Pontiac G8 become a Camaro SS sedan? Where is Chrysler’s Bob Nardelli?

So it’s been a pretty crazy morning for the automotive industry with GM officially announcing the death of Pontiac. Of course many of you are wondering what’s going to happen to Pontiac’s product lineup. Well, we have some bad news for you.

CEO Fritz Henderson made it clear today no Pontiac car will be rebadged as Chevrolets – that includes the G8 and the Solstice. As for the Pontiac Vibe, Henderson said the vehicle could be built well into 2010, pending negotiations with manufacturing partner Toyota.

Should the Pontiac G8 become a rebadged Chevrolet Camaro SS Sedan? Straightline seems to think so. If there can be a BMW M3 sedan why not a four-door Camaro? They do have a point. – Straightline

GM may sell all of Opel: Henderson says that GM is in talks with several investors interested in buying Opel. – Detroit News

Today is the last day for Chrysler workers to choose to leave the automaker: Chrysler’s 26,000 hourly workers must decide whether to accept a buyout by today. – Free Press

Speaking of Chrysler – where the heck is Bob Nardelli? We think it’s about time he gave the media an update as to what’s going on inside his office at Auburn Hills. April 30th is only 4 days away Nardelli – speak up!

– By: Kap Shah