Honda considering plug-in hybrid vehicles

While Honda still sees hydrogen as the best long-term replacement for gasoline, the automaker will begin pursuing plug-in technology. In an interview with Bloomberg, Honda CEO Takeo Fukui said that the Japanese automaker will accommodate to the preference of the U.S. government for plug-in hybrid electric-vehicles and trucks.

Fukui, who will be stepping down from his CEO position in June, has been pretty outspoken for his feelings on plug-in technology. Fukui feels that it is a unnecessary short-term resolution for the auto-industry to curb CO2 emissions due to pressure from government regulations.

Fukui said that Honda will not abandon its hydrogen fuel-cell efforts and will continue development on its FCX Clarity sedan, which it leases to select customers in the Los Angeles are.

Honda recently announced a joint venture with GS Yuasa Corp. to build lithium-ion battery packs for the company’s conventional hybrids. Fukui said that the collaboration could be extended to produce batteries for plug-in hybrid vehicles as well.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Green Car Advisor